By Shirley.

I have gathered several links that I think might be of interest to our members. They range widely from articles on how to safely shop in times of coronavirus, to virtual museum tours and story time read by actors.

If you still haven’t read about the best procedures to safely do your grocery shopping, here is a good article contributed by Sharon, from the Angell Tea group:


Sharon also shared a video by a Michigan physician who shows how to properly bring your groceries indoors. Hint: you have to sanitize everything!


Once you are back home safely with your food, it’s time to enjoy your home in a new way. Here is “The completely correct guide to vacationing at home”, from The Washington Post:


After all the eating you realize you will need some exercise, if you are going to be stuck at home. Here is another help from The Washington Post – a 20 minutes indoor video workout:


If you want more options for your workout, Les Mills is offering free online workouts during the pandemic:

Life Fitness is another site offering free workouts:


After your exercise you might want to go sightseeing. What about a virtual walk through New York’s Central Park?


Or maybe you would rather do a virtual visit of Michigan destinations


Maybe you would like to visit a museum. Here is an article, contributed by Dunia, in Travel + Leisure that lists several virtual museums tours you can enjoy:


Instead of just touring a museum, how about taking a course about art? My sister found out that the MOMA is offering free online courses:


Maybe you would rather learn all about the cherry blossoms from the Brooklyn Botanical Garden:


Tina is really enjoying BroadwayHD, a site that streams broadway shows. This one is a paid service, but you can have a one-week trial for free:


Or perhaps you would like to explore the American Museum of Natural History website that not only offers virtual tours but also video interviews with scientists, articles and a  website just for kids with lots of different and interesting things like games and talks about pieces in exihibit at the museum. For the children’s site check the Ology link.


Talking about children, Dunia contributed a link to this website where actors read children’s books, for story time.


Dunia also referred this site where cartoonist Mo Willems, posts a new video everyday teaching how to draw.


If your children like actors reading them a book, here is another option for story time:


Audible, an Amazon company that sells audiobooks, has made a large collection of children’s audiobooks available for free. No need to have an account.


Looking for ideas about books you might like to read? Several authors talk about the books they recommend in this article from the New York Times:


Let me guess, you have finally gotten tired of all the news and now you just want to read a book. Since the libraries are closed, you can choose among more than 60,000 free e-books, mostly classics,  at


Still haven’t found a book you would like to read? Why not try Internet Archive, a library of millions of free books, movies, software, music, websites, radio programs, tv shows and more. You might have to dig a little to find things to your liking, but I found old dramatized radio shows that I thought were very worthwhile (Phillip Marlow “cases” – detective stories). They have just made available even more books with the National Emergency Library: