By Ann-Sofie.

Seasons are changing, and finally, so is the IN website. It may sound hard to believe, but since it was first launched 15 years ago, there had only been a couple of significant changes to the website.

By now, we hope that you have noticed the improvements we have made to the IN website. Our amazing and dedicated web developer Declan, alongside the IN Web team, have been hard at work getting a new and improved website up and running. A big thank you to Declan for putting in all the hours needed to make this website a reality!

To help you adjust to the new site and make sure you fully utilise its new features, I would like to highlight some of the exciting changes:

  • Contemporary design
    The new website has gotten a bit of a makeover that better reflects IN in 2019.

  • Activity search function
    We have added an interactive table where you can search through all of the interesting activities IN has to offer. For instance, if you are looking for activities where children are welcome, type “children” in the search bar above the table on the left and see what pops up. (link:

  • Text translation function
    Naturally, IN is comprised of lovely ladies from all over the globe. To help make the site accessible to speakers of all tongues, we have added a translate function that automatically alters the website text into dozens of languages using Google Translate. You can select your preferred language at the bottom right of the homepage.

  • Publicity
    You no longer need to be an IN member to see details about IN activities. This will spread the word on what we do here at IN and help our community grow.

The web team will be continually tweaking the website to enhance its usability. If you are a tech pro and want to be involved, always feel free to reach out. Experience with WordPress or Mailchimp is an advantage.

We hope you enjoy using the new site as much as we do!

/ On behalf of the Web Team