By Robyn


“March comes in like a lion, and leaves like a lamb” is an old English saying.  This means March is a bridge between winter and spring. Cold, windy March 1st (lion) will turn warmer by March 31st (lamb). The usual temperature on March 31st in Ann Arbor is 50 F/10 C. We can all look forward to it! If you walk outside you can see small signs of spring. I am so happy to see the little white snowdrops have bloomed already in my back yard. The green shoots of daffodils are beginning to grow. Soon we will see furry pussy willows and purple and yellow crocus. Birds like the cheerful robin, hopping around and singing, are a sure sign of spring and new beginnings. Let’s hope for new beginnings as we begin to get vaccinated and go on walks to enjoy the spring.