By Marcy

How beautiful the weather has been!  In the midst of all the turmoil we are experiencing, we can step outside and experience a glorious day. A part of me was glad I couldn’t travel this summer. I was enjoying being out in my yard so much. Then there are the projects that we usually can never get around to that we now have time for. I adjusted the length of three pairs of slacks and went through my old mail. I still have projects to do but am glad to have at least accomplished a few things during our lockdown. One friend has used this time to look up and learn about some unsung heroes – people who made significant accomplishments but received almost no recognition because they were female or a member of a minority group. She writes a brief history of one of these unsung heroes on Facebook each day. I look forward to learning about these people and often share her write ups. Another project I have undertaken is cooking dinners several times a week. My grandson was asked to stay home from his first term at college and just attend classes online. He accepted my offer to come and stay with me so now I am trying hard to figure out things to prepare for dinner. He’s a very nice young man so I am very happy to be able to offer him a quiet space to do his studies. How has your life changed during our quarantine? Are you cooking more, or perhaps reading a lot, or watching more movies? Perhaps you could write in and tell us favorite meals you have prepared or books or videos you have enjoyed. We would love to hear from you! In the meantime, take care, stay healthy, and enjoy those various activities we usually don’t get around to doing.