By Maria

Spanish breakfast (desayuno), is not as lengthy as afternoon or evenings meals when we leave plenty of time for conversation. Usually, breakfast is quite simple and it comes with a slice of fresh, white and toasted bread that we call it “tostada” (toasts, but not square ones) with olive oil, tomato & “jamon” (Spanish salty cured ham) or other different toppings. Another choice would be bocadillos that are sandwiches with french bread and various fillings. Some people prefer something sweet as cookies, small cakes or pastries such as “madalenas” (muffins). In Spain you can find a bakery in any corner of a city or small town.

As in the US, coffee is Spain’s most common morning beverage but very different. The coffee that you can order in Spain is a single shot of espresso, A “café con leche” is a serving of espresso with hot milk, and “cortado” is almost the same as “con leche” but contains less milk. In the East coast of Spain, there is a popular coffee drink called “bombon” that is a serving of espresso with condensed milk, delicious! In many bars you can also order freshly squeezed orange juice for breakfast.

And don’t forget one of the most well-known Spanish breakfast foods is the “churro”. “Churros” are lightly fried dough sprinkled with sugar, and they are a very popular breakfast or snack in Spain.

Enjoy your breakfast!!!