By Marcy.

It happened so fast!  One day we were living our normal lives and the next we were secluded at home worrying about staying healthy while having enough supplies. So hopefully everyone reading this is healthy, and now we just have to think about how to occupy ourselves while we’re stuck at home. The first priority for me has been connecting with family and friends. I spend quite a bit of time each day talking, texting, and emailing with the important people in my life. One of my canceled plans was to be a high school reunion in Baltimore, Maryland. Even though we cannot get together as planned, we are still going to share our life stories with one another, especially updating ourselves on the last ten years. I will be regaling my former classmates with tales of my travels and of my various activities, especially with International Neighbors!

Another activity for me has been to go through the boxes and boxes of things I have accumulated over the years of mementos, especially from my children. It’s definitely a work in progress but I am proud to have emptied two boxes.

Reading is also a priority. I had two books out from the library when it closed, and now I’m “cautiously” optimistic that I’ll finish both of them.

Each week I have been sending out an email to my conversation group telling the members about one idiom and one proverb with explanations of their meanings. It’s been a lot of fun doing that. If you would like to receive those emails, just let me know at

Do write to us to share your ideas about creative ways to spend your time and take care to stay healthy!