By Priya


A bunch of spinach
400 gms. of Paneer cheese diced in small pieces (often known as Indian cheese and can be found in Indian stores)
2 medium sized onions finely chopped
4 cloves of garlic finely chopped
1 tbs. of ginger paste freshly prepared
2 Thai chili peppers finely chopped (optional)
1 cup of yoghurt
1 tps. of turmeric powder
1 tbs. of coriander powder (You can find it in any Indian store. Local name is Dhaniya powder)
1 tbs. vegetable oil
salt to taste


Cooking time 15-20 minutes.

Heat oil in a pan.
Put finely chopped garlic in pan. Let it cook for 5 min on medium heat.
Now add chopped onion. Cook it until little brown. Do not over cook.
Now lower the heat. Add turmeric powder, salt, & coriander powder. Mix well.
Add 1 cup of yoghurt with stirring.
Let it cook till the oil starts coming out at the edges.
Put a lid on it and take off from flame.
Chop spinach & wash it properly.
Boil it in a pan for 10 minutes until soft.
Drain hot water immediately & wash it under cold water. This will retain the fresh green color of spinach.
Grind it to a smooth paste.
Add the spinach & diced cheese in the cooked yoghurt & onion paste.
Mix well & let it cook for 5 to10 min on medium heat with constant stirring. Add some water if required.
At the end garnish with chopped thai chilies (optional)

Trick for soft paneer-cheese.
Generally paneer cheese is hard. For this recipe, you can dice the cheese & put it in ½ cup of water. Heat it in a microwave for 3 minutes. Drain the water. Now the cheese is sufficiently soft to be added in the recipe.