By Jennie

I’ve noticed the spring coming along even here in the city. It’s not the same as the countryside where suddenly there are vernal ponds created in hollows in the land where the snow has melted, and a deafening sound of the frogs adds to the chorus of birds newly arrived from their winter vacations further south. Water instead gushes from the snow melt into the drain fields created to stop the apartment complex from flooding. The water carries a mess sometimes that humans have discarded over winter – plastic bags, some cans, and strange items like a tube of hand sanitizer. It’s not all awful though as the drain fields fill, nature has begun to grow and red-winged blackbirds, fresh from their vacation have taken up home on the reeds around the pool of water. They sing in unison to passersby first thing in the morning. Ducks are swimming there again, but at night they prefer settling on the rooftops of the complex. Maybe they feel safer up there away from the raccoons that have come out of hiding now that the days are warming.

A couple of Canada geese arrived a few days ago. They are nowhere near the water though preferring the grass verge between the sidewalk and very edge of the road. Drivers beware.
Another noticeable sign of spring is the dog walkers first thing in the morning. Foregoing their winter jackets and warm hats jammed on their heads just before leaving the apartment, they turn to warm sweaters instead. With a bounce in their step, they follow their dogs who meander discovering the scent of other animals coming out of hibernation.

All hope of finding spring flowers though in apartment land is lost realizing the transient nature of the neighbors. They’ll be leaving town soon or buying their own home somewhere close by. They have no intention of planting bulbs that they may never see in flower. Still, the days are a little warmer, and the sun rises a little further to the east above Briarwood and stays a little longer shining on the balcony. The buds on the big tree that hides the next apartment block are getting bigger and their leaves will follow soon. Winter is finally losing its hold. Spring has begun in the apartment complex.