For Newcomers to Ann Arbor and to International Neighbors:

Every summer I offered Conversation Groups for women who just moved to Ann Arbor or who wanted to meet during the summer when other groups had taken a summer break. This year, with the Covid 19 and shelter in place, leaders are not going away and many are continuing their groups on ZOOM.

I will continue my groups and will invite others to join us. If someone wants to join a Conversation or Discussion Group, please contact Dale. We meet on ZOOM Tuesday or Wednesday mornings at 10:00 a.m. We are happy to have new members and will welcome all women who want to join us.

The Summer Conversation Group usually took trips around town, and if we are cleared to do so, we will continue that activity. We will meet on ZOOM, but we may visit the Botanical Garden, the ICE CUBE and other places of interest. Maybe we could have a meeting at my house, on my outdoor porch.

If interested, please contact Dale,

I hope to meet some new members.