By Martha

Unless you had an extremely large number of hungry people for a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, when the meal is over and the dishes are washed, you will have to figure out what to do with the turkey leftovers! This is what I do:

First cut the meat off the bones and freeze it in plastic freezer bags for later use;
Then put the carcass (meaning all the bones including the neck bone if available) in a big pot with water to cover. Simmer (meaning cook at low heat after bringing to a boil) for two hours. When it cools, separate all the bones from the meat and return the meat to the soup pot. Throw the bones in the compostable bin. After seasoning the broth with salt, pepper, and other favorite herbs and spices, add vegetables (carrots, celery, etc) to make a great soup. Eat what you can in 4 days and freeze the rest for a cold winter day.

If you follow this process, you will love fresh soup stock and will never throw away the bones again! Guaranteed!