The Day of the Dead or Día de Muertos

By Marina and Marcy


The Day of the Dead, a major holiday throughout Mexico, is celebrated on October 31, November 1, and November 2. Family and friends gather to pray for and remember those who have died in the hope that they will return to visit. November 1 (Dia de los Inocentes) focuses on deceased children while November 2 honors deceased adults (Dia de Muertos). The celebration centers on the graves of loved ones where families erect altars in their honor. Mementoes and favorite foods of the deceased are placed on the altars along with colorful flowers, particularly marigolds, and decorative skeletons and skulls. Another tradition of the holiday involves writing short poems called calaveras that memorialize the deceased. Marina has written one such calavera for us.

A calavera by Marina

As part of the Day of the Dead celebration, I created my “calavera”, dedicated to International  Neighbors. It is simply a mocking satire and I hope you enjoy it and get fun.

We were all together

International day celebrating

And an unexpected member

Was our meeting contemplating?

When finally we realized

That The Katrina arrived

With his colorful attire

To everybody surprised.

 What´s going Mrs. Catrina?

We haven’t “Day of the dead”

Maybe you are confused

You must go back home instead.

 I’m not wrong my darling

I want to everyone to invite.

Let´s go to beautiful place

And we will go there tonight.

 Ladies from around the world,

Now, we are resting in peace,

We are sleeping in the pantheon

And Katrina not charge lease.

 Marina adds: Day of the Dead is not scary, nor something bad. I love Day of the Dead, because my mother, grandmas, and I, have other opportunities to connect with each other. It is as if their souls are with me for one day. They taught me in life all about this tradition. That is so beautiful!!!

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