By Martha B

Dear International Neighbor:

This letter is “Everything I never told you”* about my life and all the reading I have done over the past twelve months.

I started the year off with “Intimations”* that all signs showed that 2020 was going to be another great year for book worms. In February my husband and I made a “Passage West”* to visit our son in “Inland”* Arizona. On the way home we flew to visit friends in “Florida”*. However, by the time we got home, seeing people wearing masks, we had “One Hundred Secret Senses”* that all was not right with the world.

“Never-the-Less”* we had “The Audacity of Hope”* to believe things would get better soon. “There, there”*, I said to myself. It was not “The Plague”* after all. Right? No! Wrong! “The Known World”* had not seen an epidemic of this severity since “One Hundred Years of Solitude”*

“Life these days”* included my thyroid acting up and my beginning the process of “Overcoming Thyroid Disorders.”* I am sure by now you have “A Burning”* for me to stop talking about my glands and are secretly thinking “Can’t We Talk About Something More Pleasant?”* Yes, my “Beloved”* readers, “Less”* is more.

In July our daughter and family visited and we celebrated Thanksgiving (traditional menu followed by a walk to the steps of the Michigan Union where my husband and I had met and fallen in “Love in the Time of College-Era”* on a cold January day in 1965. (I recall that, although we waited outside for a taxi, we were fortunate not to get Cholera nor even a common cold. )

Recently there is mass “Euphoria”* in knowing that scientists have developed and distributed a vaccine for Covid-19. Many people are getting in line to receive it with the idea that “Me Before You”* may be the best strategy. Other more timid souls are taking the approach of “After You”*.

For the time being, we just patiently “Wait Until Next Year”* which, based on our experiences and knowledge, will come with “21 Lessons for the 21st Century.”* The peak of the virus will be over which will result in a “Year of Wonders”* (just another time, just another plague).

This is indeed “The Winter of our Discontent”* but we rejoice in Percy Shelley’s well imagined conjecture that inspired two books: “If Winter Comes”*,“Can Spring Be Far Behind?”*

Keep in mind that while we are separated one from another, don’t “Sweat”* it, because everyone knows that hindsight is always 20-20 but next year will be 20-21!

Yours truly “Till we meet again”*
Martha B

P. S. How many authors of the 30 quoted and asterisked titles in my letter can you name? And how many of the books have you read?