By Marcy.

Thinking about our upcoming program on Belly Dancing for the January IN Day got me remembering the many dances I’ve had fun doing over the years.  Of course we had to learn our parents’ favorite dances, not waltzes mind you, but more lively ones like the Charleston. Picture a young woman wearing a flapper dress (hem above the knees), sporting a flat but wavy hairstyle, swinging her arms and kicking her feet energetically to the big band music in the background. As teens we all knew how to jitterbug, spinning our partners while hopping and skipping madly around the room. An all time favorite was the twist which we sometimes danced all evening long, with or without a boyfriend in tow. Twisting requires you to move your waist, hips, and arms to the fast music, more or less coordinated with the other dancers on the floor.  Even now my friend, Tad, has only to play “Let’s twist again like we did last summer” and we’re all on our feet twisting away. Dancing gives you one of the best workouts you can have so I hope to see many of you belly dancing to the beat of the music on January 16.