The twin island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago are the two most southernmost in the Caribbean. Colonized by many European countries, Trinbagonians represent a diverse mix of races, cultures, music, historic sites, national holidays and food. Following on the heels of Carnival, and at the end of the 40-day Lenten season, Easter is a time on the calendar for celebration and a day off work (Easter Monday) to celebrate and attend private and public events and enjoy some or all of the breakfast foods and drinks listed below.

Pholourie[1]: Balls of fried split peas mixed with flour and fried. Normally served with mango or tamarind sauce.

Saheena[2]: Spinach-like green leaves and split peas, dipped in butter, sliced and deep-fried. Served with either tamarind or mango chutney.

Doubles[3]: A light bread used to sandwich creamed channa or chickpeas, finished with a spoonful of tamarind or mango sauce, and slight pepper.

Coocoo[4]: Cornmeal and okra cooked in coconut milk, resembles Italian Polenta.

Pastelles[5]: A Christmas food with roots in the Spanish occupation. A steamed cornmeal pie wrapped in banana leaves and filled with fish, beef, pork, chicken) olives and raisins.

Bake and Shark[6]: Fried dough mixed with coconut, filled with a slice of shark that has been seasoned, breaded and fried.

Accra[7]: Puffy fried dough-ball made of highly seasoned dough mixed with shredded codfish.

Coconut bake: Trinidad bread made with flour and coconut flakes.

Aloo Pie[8]: Similar to a Samosa. It is an elongated fried pocket with potato, garlic and onions, masala and spices with sweet tamarind sauce.

Porridge[9]: A mixture of grains cooked with water and sometimes milk, flavored with spices and sweetened with cane sugar (for which the region is well known) and milk

Cornmeal Porridge [10]. Called pap, it is thick like baby’s food. While cinnamon is the preferred spice of choice for this porridge, some people also use Bay Leaf. e. Made with cornmeal, cinnamon, sugar, and milk to taste.

Cream of Wheat Porridge[11].  Hearty breakfast drink made with cornmeal, cinnamon, sugar and milk to taste.

Any hot drink consumed in the mornings in the Caribbean is considered a tea.

Hot Cocoa Tea[12]: Caribbean cocoa tea makes an amazing hot chocolate. Grated cocoa from cocoa stick, water, evaporated, regular milk, sweetened condensed milk, Vanilla Extract, Bay Leaf, Cinnamon and freshly grated Nutmeg)

Hong Wing Coffee[13].  Original coffee growers in Trinidad and Tobago.


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