By Ramya

Jonathan Wright is a certified fairyologist who is given credit for being the first one to “discover” the fairy doors in Ann Arbor. The first one appeared in the baseboards of the home of Jonathan and Kathleen Wright in 1993. Subsequently several others were discovered in their home: in the fireplace surround and two in the kitchen.

After that a lot of Fairy doors are found inside a coffeehouse, beside a grocer’s steps, or beneath a toy store window in Ann Arbor. The first of these magical portals, a six-inch white wooden door with a carved jamb framed by miniature bricks, appeared in 2005 at the Sweetwater Coffee & Tea Cafe at 123 West Washington.

The Ann Arbor Library also has a teal-colored fairy door. It is mounted on the end of a bookshelf in the fairy tale section. A number of the books on the shelves have windows in their spine.

Some doors even vanish if the shops were permanently closed.

This is how we and all of our kids have known about the Fairy doors.  We all are so curious to know about the secret behind the Fairy doors…right!  Yes, here is the answer for all our questions.  When? Where? Who? What?

What is a Fairy Door?

The Urban Fairy Doors of Ann Arbor are a series of small doors that are a type of installation art found in the city of Ann Arbor.

Where do the doors appear?

The fairy doors are mostly placed low to the ground.

When did the first one appear?

The first one appeared in the baseboards of the home of Jonathan and Kathleen Wright in 1993.

Why are they installed?

Jonathan hoped the doors would revitalize the business district by drawing more people into the area.

Even though we know the secret behind the fairy doors, kids and all of us will be so excited to explore the fairy doors, right? .

Here are some of the famous fairy doors in Ann Arbor.

  • The Ark
  • Red Shoes
  • Michigan Theatre
  • Peaceable Kingdom
  • Downtown Library
  • Nicola’s books

For more information and directions, you can check these websites:

Wright’s inspiration for the fairy doors originated with his own house where he built fairy doors for the children in his wife’s in-home preschool program. It has now become a custom for people to leave small gifts, drawings, candy and even coins for the tiny fairies who reside behind each door.

Ann Arbor Fairies are waiting to play with kids.