By Yasue

In Japan, only women give chocolates and confess their love to men on Valentine’s Day. A lot of women buy and make chocolate desserts before Valentine’s Day. Also, they present chocolates to men who they actually don’t love such as their friends or co-workers, so department stores and grocery stores are always packed with chocolates and women from the end of January. It is one of the big events for Japanese women.

A month later on March 14th, called White Day which is “answer day” to Valentine’s Day, men return the favor by giving gifts such as cookies, candies, marshmallows and jewelry to the women who gave them chocolates.

When I was a teenager, Valentine’s Day was the most exciting event. Almost all of my girl friends made chocolate desserts and brought them to school on Valentine’s Day. We showed the chocolates to each other behind the boys’ backs and felt so excited and a little nervous all day long. After school, we gave them and shyly told our love to the boys. Most of boys accepted the chocolates, but sadly, some didn’t.  The girls whose chocolates were accepted looked forward to White Day. Valentine’s Day and chocolates always remind me of my pleasant youth.