by Marcy, Adrienne, Veena, and Homa

Ann Staiger

As a part of our highlighting exceptional volunteers to International Neighbors this month, we want to give special recognition to Ann, volunteer extraordinaire for almost 50 years in our wonderful organization. Ann became a member of IN in 1968, joining both the Angell and Burns Park tea groups. Soon she was adding many additional responsibilities to her schedule including contributing to two IN publications that introduced new international members to both the organization and the community, serving on the International Day committee, and hosting the Watercolor Painting Group. Ann has served as president of IN two different years, in 1974/1975 and 2005/2006. After all these years, Ann continues as a member of the two tea groups and as the hostess of the Watercolor Painting Group.

Many members have been touched by her kind and generous heart. Adrienne writes “Beyond her official duties, Ann has been a caring friend and mentor to so many women. Humility and a gentle spirit are rarities in a leader but Ann exemplifies both these traits. She is a peacemaker who is able to stand up for what she thinks is right without being argumentative. She’s provided encouragement and has been a great role model to so many of us for a very long time.”

Veena also praised Ann, writing “Ann has been my mentor ever since I joined International Neighbors. She was always willing and ready to have the planning committee meetings at her place and serve us all a delicious healthy lunch. Ann, you are wonderfully brilliant, a loving person, and a great role model.”

Homa writes “I have known Ann since 1976. She is a very kind and caring friend, and has always been a cooperative person who loved helping others. She has a great and inviting personality. It is an honor for me to know her.”

Like many volunteers who have given generously of their time and energy, Ann feels richly rewarded for her IN affiliation sharing that she has made such good friends and that International Neighbors has been a big part of the enjoyment in her life. Thanks, Ann, for all you have done and continue to do for IN!