By Jennie

A few years ago, I reconnected with an acquaintance whom I’d worked with in the late 1990s.  We first began meeting each other for coffee or tea, but one day she suggested that we go for a walk instead.  The suggestion was good and we’ve been walking almost every week since no matter the weather.  We mostly walk in local parks like Hudson Mills or Gallup, and we never regret going for a walk.  As we walk, we also talk and over the years have got to know each other very well.  We talk about many things including what we’ve been doing the previous week, what our plans are for the coming week, how our families are, and even what we plan to eat for dinner.  It’s an interesting friendship we have now.  We’ve discovered many things we have in common and also some differences.  The mixture of the two, commonalities and differences, and understanding them, seems to make a good friendship.  We stay a little healthier too!

Photo:  Pixabay