By Shirley.

I have been very lucky so far, as the coronavirus crisis develops. My husband has been teaching online classes at EMU for several years. That means he is used to working from home as I am used to having him around the whole day. I borrowed two bags full of books from the library some days before we were directed to start social distancing. And, in a cosmic coincidence, I bought a big bag of rice and a big package of toilet paper just before the grocery store rush.

I am not at all  bored. As a matter of fact, I am having difficulty choosing what to do. My house certainly could do with some Spring cleaning. We have innumerous  little fix-up projects pending around the house. I have plenty of yarn as well as crochet and knitting patterns. I have different cuts of fabric and a sewing machine. I found out I had not one, but two packages of bread flour as well as yeast. I have exercise videos, weights and even a treadmill, so there is no excuse for just sitting on the couch, although that is exactly what I have been doing so far. I also have access to audio books, films, magazines and more books.

The only thing missing was some social interaction, and even there we found a way to keep in touch with friends and family. Our Mystery Book Reading Group, as some other groups at IN, have been having virtual meetings via Zoom, a virtual conferencing app. Some other groups have been keeping in touch through e-mail. We have checked with our families through Zoom, FaceTime, MarcoPolo, Facebook, e-mail and telephone. I am not social media savvy, but I am very glad we can rely on technology at this time. And through these connections we are able to find even more resources for entertainment and education.

I feel this is exactly the time to develop a new or long forgotten skill. Have you ever wished you had an opportunity to learn another language? Learn to draw, to play the guitar or to make bread?

Martha wrote about keeping a journal. What if you decided to do your journaling in drawing or painting? What about a musical journal? What if every day you knit a different square?  By the end of this crisis you would have enough squares to put together a blanket.

You can see why having so many choices has made it difficult for me to choose just one. I hope you have been able concentrate on your projects and I am very interested to see what each of us decides to pour our energies into and the results we will achieve.