by Martha

This Fall International Neighbors will be welcoming women to Ann Arbor as we have for the past 60 years.

Every culture has its unique way of expressing welcome. Whether it be a wave, handshake, fist bump, high five, hug, bow, kiss on one cheek, kisses on both cheeks, presentation of a flower garland, rubbing noses, or hands formed in “namaste”, each gesture carries with it the sincere feeling to make the other person feel at home. As women meet at the Fall Reception, see how many different gestures of welcome you can observe. Maybe it would be a good chance for you to practice some of the gestures that are unfamiliar to you.

How do you make a person feel welcome in your culture?  Do you put out a welcome mat at your front door?  Do you create an Indian floral design (rangoli) at the doorstep?  Do you offer the guest a cup of tea or other beverage?

If you are new to IN this year, we heartily welcome you to embark on all that we have to offer.  If you are returning, think back to the kind gestures and words that people greeted when you first arrived and “pay it forward”.  And remember – you are always welcome to invite other women to come to IN Day to enjoy the magic that is International Neighbors.