By Gozde

This is almost my 4th year in the US, and I just moved to Ann Arbor a month ago. I’ve been in Arizona before I moved here. I had lots of friends I left behind, so it was a little challenging for me to live in a new city. But the things I’ve expected came about inversely.

The day I moved to Ann Arbor after I settled my new house, I went to a Turkish Restaurant, and the sweet owner of the restaurant suggested me to join the International Neighbors.

From my first request to join the groups, all of the group leaders were so kind and informative with their back to back e-mails. They answered my endless questions with patience. Also, they invited me to the open house party, and I’ve been very friendly welcomed at that day.

While I was moving here, I had so many thoughts in my head after living almost 4 years in AZ and having close friendships. But now I’m so happy to be here meeting new friends and joining lots of different kinds of activity with my lovely group leader and friends from all over the world.