By Jennie with help from Carole, Diane, Gretchen, Marina, Robyn and Virginia

Photo by AdrianaSeptember’s International Day was a little different this year. Historically, the first International Day of the year in September is devoted to registering and getting acquainted with all the different activities on offer. Now that we have on line registration though, what were we to do with ourselves this year? The answer was still to check out all the activities and find out what’s new, but the most important thing was to say a warm hello to new friends and old. It was a day of handshakes, of hugs, of waving, of bowing, of kissing cheeks, in all, an explosion of delight at seeing all the wonderful women that belong to International Neighbors.

One young lady noted, “The open house was my first time with this group and I cannot say enough good things about it.” We heard these kinds of sentiments from many other members and presumptuously, speaking on behalf of all the volunteers at the Open House, we were delighted to hear these comments.

Robyn reports, “The Tea Group corner was full of toys and the happy chatter of young mothers and children.” This is where guests were able to learn about the Tea Groups, all the new activities, and even pick up a teabag or two.  “Our goal”, Robyn says, “is to find a place for every young mother and child who joins International Neighbors.”

In fact, there was hardly a space to squeeze in the whole afternoon in all of the group areas. Members filled the space eager to hear about the groups or connect with old friends, while the children attending the nursery got a chance to socialize with their friends and meet new buddies.

Many (many, many) reported that they and all the children loved the added treat of ice cream and the chance to sit outside for a while chatting with new friends and old alike. Of course, the children also enjoyed the delicious ice cream. Inside, the ladies offering refreshments had prepared an appropriate drink for a hot day, orangeade with club soda. Very refreshing!

Thanks should go to the volunteers at this event who made it a success. Topping the list as always are the ladies on the International Day team who organize the events and look after the tea and refreshments. They never let us go hungry or thirsty! Thank you! to the many volunteers who helped us all find the right place to hear about registration, discussion groups, reading groups, special interest groups, and tea groups. They rescued many a lady lost on the way. Thank you! to the group organizers who loved to see returning group members and who welcomed newcomers. Thank you! to Alpha Phi Omega, a service fraternity from U-M who sent four young ladies to help that day. Thank you! to the Nursery volunteers who do a great job in keeping the children entertained. Thank you! to the organizers who kept the whole event running smoothly. Thank you! finally, thank you to all of you for attending and being part of this organization. Thank you!!!

We are all looking forward to seeing you again on October 15th for the next International Day.