By Phyllis

The April International Day-Thailand, The Land of Smiles was very well attended by approximately 120 members including some children.

There were a large number of Thai posters on various topics, including maps and travel brochures. There was clothing displayed, cookbooks, books, musical instruments and numerous Thai decorative items.

The traditional Thai dance that was beautifully performed by Pen Pen and her lovely costumed troupe, was enjoyed by everyone.  Pen Pen demonstrated the New Year ritual of pouring water over the palms of elders as a blessing and sign of respect. Many of us were blessed experiencing this custom.

We owe a big thank you to all the members and friends who prepared and brought the delicious and plentiful Thai food dishes, especially Ora, Pen Pen, Janya, Phyllis, Potjana, Rosemary, Veena, Helen and Kathy.  Thank you to Veena for asking the restaurant Siam Square for a donation and they provided the large containers of spicy basil tofu and rice.

Ora organized this event with the committees help and we are so grateful for all her work and giving us the chance to learn about Thailand and its culture.