By Yasue, Virginia and Jennie

Yasue says that this was her first time to attend IN Day. “I met a lot of new people and had a great time. More than half of the members there wore cute costumes such as a cat, statue of liberty and witch. Also, some cute princesses and ninjas were adorable. They all looked like they were enjoying talking, playing games and the Halloween buffet. The buffet was amazing, with beautiful cakes, little marshmallow monsters, finger shape sausages, watermelon monster, etc., that were all tasty and elaborate designs. Some of them were a little spooky though!”

Virginia would like to add her “Congratulations to everyone who worked on the October IN Day!!! The decorations and food were wonderful as well as the costume theme. I think everyone had a great time, especially the moms with small kids. I saw people everywhere smiling and taking photos.”

We all agree with these congratulations. Also there was just as much fun to be had by guessing who was who at the tables. Who did study history, who did ride on a bike down a mountain, and who did get a kiss from President Obama? If you got the right answers to these questions, then you did manage to meet some of International Neighbor’s leadership volunteers. Keep asking questions about us though!

We hope you enjoyed this fun event and don’t forget to join us again on November 19.