Dear International Neighbors Members:

It is a very exciting time to be in a leadership role with International Neighbors. Ideas imagined years ago have gained momentum, and there has been growth in every area of the organization: from programs and International Days (IN) monthly celebrations to the website, and most importantly, the benefits to members.

This year we received grant money from Kiwanis and the Japanese Business Society of Detroit Foundation to assist with rental costs, daycare, and an outreach project, the Green Baxter program.

Every month we found new friends and experiences and celebrated each other at our IN Days. Our dedicated volunteers have done an incredible job at hosting our many groups while strengthening our programs and making new and current members feel welcome. The IN Day Committee continues to amaze me with their dedication in creating and setting up these wonderful celebrations.

Now that I have been president for almost a year, I am beginning to find my way within the organization with the help of the most dedicated board I have ever worked with in my many years as a Director of Development for nonprofits. It is my hope next year to help get the word out about IN to a broader audience – you are all invited to assist in that effort by talking about your experiences with local community members.

Thank you for making 2018-19 yet another remarkable year for International Neighbors! This year marked 61 years of service for the organization. You, our members, are the reason and the focus – without you we do not exist – we are honored to be part of your lives!


Andra Bostian Ferguson – President

P.S. We are a nonprofit and always welcome your financial contributions.

P.P.S. Don’t miss the opportunity to strengthen International Neighbors through A Legacy Gift. A Legacy Gift is one that takes effect after our journey on earth has ended. They are often the most significant gifts we may ever make, and their importance to the work of International Neighbors cannot be overestimated.