By Dale

boardHere are the members of the International Neighbors Board that meets monthly to discuss matters of the organization:

Seated from left:  Diane, Tina, Vesna, Melissa
Standing from left:  Sylvia, Gretchen, Robyn, Julie, Janine, Amy, Ramya, Dale, Carole

Guests are always welcome to visit the Board meetings, held on the Monday morning at 9:30 A.M. in the week of International Day.

Here is a little information about each person present at our first board meeting this year. I hope you get a feeling of who is on the Board.

President, Julie grew up in Genk, Belgium.  She has been web master and helps coordinate the Baby Tea Groups.  Her hobbies are traveling and cooking.

Vice President, Tina was born in New York but lived in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and the Philippines as a child.  She is also assistant to the Discussion Group coordinator.  Her hobbies are quilting and traveling.

Secretary, Amy was born in New York City and grew up in Scarsdale, N.Y. This is her first year on the Board.  She enjoys running, bicycling, swimming and traveling.

Sylvia is the Treasurer. Last year Sylvia was coordinator of the member database.  She grew up in Dearborn Heights, MI.  Her hobbies are cooking and reading.  She leads a Baking group.

Robyn is the Tea Group Coordinator, and she helps organize Baby Tea Groups. She was born in San Francisco, grew up in Hong Kong, Switzerland, France and England. She also lived in Beijing. Robyn was a marketing manager but currently cares for her 92-year old mother. She enjoys international traveling, antique collecting, sailing and scuba diving.

Coordinator of Conversation Groups, Dale grew up in New Jersey and has lived in Ann Arbor for over 50 years.  She does not travel. She enjoys running, gardening and visiting her three grandchildren.

Diane, Discussion Group Coordinator grew up in New Jersey and worked there before retiring to Ann Arbor.  She has been treasurer. Her hobbies are traveling, reading and watching movies.

Melissa coordinates Special Interests and leads the Knitting Group.  She also leads a Discussion Group, co-leads a Reading Group and works with the Webmaster.  She grew up in Queens, New York, and lived in Switzerland for a while. She worked in the VA pharmacy for 20 years but is retired and enjoys knitting, traveling and reading.

Communication Coordinator, Carole grew up in Newark, NJ, and Cincinnati, Ohio. She has held many jobs in our organization: President, Vice President, Coordinator of Hostesses and currently, she coordinates Reading Groups as well as Communications.  She leads Reading Groups and a Conversation Group.  Even with her job as a tutor, she has hobbies of reading, watching movies and knitting.

Working in Communications, Janine handles mailing. She is the US/ Canada Ambassador and leads the Wildwood Tea Group.  Janine was a Physician Assistant for 25 years and worked in surgery, pediatrics and emergency medicine.  Her hobbies are running, exercise, traveling, and reading.

Vesna is coordinator of the Ambassador program that is a group of women from different countries who welcome and socialize with Newcomers from their own country.  It is a personal way to help people get adjusted to Ann Arbor.  Vesna also co-leads a Conversation Group and the Foodies Group.

Gretchen is the Volunteer Coordinator and Nominations Chair.  She grew up in Grand Rapids, MI, “The Furniture Capital of the World.”  Her job is ESL tutoring and her hobby is exercise.

Ramya is joint Webmaster with Ava Fang.  She is from India and she helps in her daughter’s class. She works on the Newsletter and is in a Discussion Group.

Webmaster Ava, International Day Coordinator Dilek, and Newsletter Editors, Jennie and Martha, were absent from this meeting.