We have a tragic situation unfolding around us, complicated by the terrible effects of COVID-19. I believe to say nothing, to ignore the inhumanity of the George Floyd killing, sends a message that we do not care – or we are out of touch or worst case- we condone it. We are an international group of women that have learned to communicate with each other because we listen and because we genuinely care about each other no matter where we come from.

We are not a political organization, but the killing was not political – the protests are not political – the protestors are people trying to make sense of the cruelty the officers involved, and they are trying to teach. The only ones not trying to teach are those that are choosing to loot – but that is not the focus – the focus is change. We can be part of that change by doing exactly what we are doing – talking – listening to one another and making sure we speak up whenever we see an injustice in the world. As women of International Neighbors, we must acknowledge the painfulness of the situation and express our profound sorrow for the needless loss of the life of George Floyd.

Andra Bostian Ferguson – President International Neighbors