By Jennie B

Reading Shirley’s story of all the comfort foods we so enjoy reminded me of how important
kitchens are to not only the people that live in the house, but also all the visitors, whether they be friends or family.  Kitchens are often the center of a home, providing a focal point for welcoming and entertaining visitors.

My sister and her husband recently renovated their kitchen.  It started in a small way when my
sister said, “I’d like to make it bigger by moving the kitchen top peninsula against the wall”.
She wanted to look out of the kitchen window while working at the sink.  She also wanted the
extra room to move the dining table out when needed to seat additional guests.  Her husband
procrastinated for months until finally they were forced into doing something – the kitchen sink
developed a large crack in it and water started filling the cupboard below.  So, the process of
renovation began.

First of all, they removed the peninsula with its offending sink and built in a countertop against
the wall to accept a new sink.  Removing the peninsula though left a big hole in the floor
covering.  They decided that new flooring was needed.  A long and painful process of choosing
the right color and type of flooring ensued.  They eventually chose a color they were both happy
with and it looked smart and modern for their renovated kitchen.

Next, they realized that all of the other older cupboards around the kitchen now looked rather
shabby.  They decided to revamp the cupboards including the doors and handles.  A long and
painful process of choosing the right color and style ensued, followed by an even longer and
more painful process of getting the work completed.

Eventually, the kitchen seemed complete.  The cupboards all looked beautiful, and matched the
new floor.  It was a bright, large room to work in and their was plenty of space to move the
dining table out for more guests.  Something was still not right though.  When showing the new
kitchen off to visitors, my sister and her husband realized everybody remained on the outskirts of the kitchen looking across the empty space at one another.  A long and painful process of
realizing that they needed something central in the middle of the kitchen for people to gather
round ensued.  My sister’s husband jokingly said, “Well, I think what we need is a peninsula like
we had before where people gathered!”

Finally, they decided on just the right thing.   They ordered a counter height table that is on
wheels.  It can be moved to allow more room for dinner table.  It is big enough to make sense in
the kitchen, has storage underneath, and is used to chop vegetables on.  The grandchildren use it as a traffic island while hurtling round on their toy, plastic motorcycles, and it is used to serve
food for each meal.  Most importantly, everybody gathers around the table to chat, to toast each other with a glass of wine, to discuss the news of the day, and generally to enjoy each other’s company.

It was indeed a long and painful process to renovate the kitchen, but my sister and her husband
really appreciate their new kitchen and realize this is indeed the center of their home welcoming friends and family alike.