In this season of giving thanks, we take the opportunity to reflect on all the things for which we, in International Neighbors, are thankful!

Such as:

  • The vision of our Founding Mothers who 60 years ago realized the need for helping newcomers adjust to life in Ann Arbor;
  • All women who volunteer their time and talents –including our group leaders for their leadership, Board members for their vision, IN Day team for their programs (and the list goes on and on);
  • Those that support us with gifts of money to keep us running, including individual donors (who send in a contribution with their “pink sheets”) and organizations that give us grants, such as the “Japanese Business Society of Detroit”;
  • The tremendous diversity of our organization and the willingness to learn from each other;
  • The R-E-S-P-E-C-T we show each other’s ideas and perspectives, despite our different cultures, languages, and backgrounds.

We are International Neighbors. We are women. We are strong. We are the future!