by Jennie B

This is a short story about my family’s high tea on Sundays. 

Sunday lunch was always huge in my home.   It was a time for the whole family to gather for a big roast including meat, roast potatoes, and all sorts of vegetables, followed by a delicious dessert.  Since we’d eaten so much at lunchtime, we had little room for a big dinner, so we’d eat high tea instead.  High tea was a much lighter meal, but was still delicious.  It included a green salad and other available salad items like tomatoes and beetroot.  The salad was added to cheese, cold meats (maybe left over from lunch) and pickles, including pickled onions, and chutney.  That was followed with a cup of tea and some kind of scrumptious cake made by our mother (she was the best cake maker and baker I’ve ever known:)

It was normally just family that sat down to lunch and high tea on Sunday, but one Sunday I invited my boyfriend, Steve, to tea.  He was very nervous about being with the whole of my family and unfortunately his fears were valid.  Things started well as he added meats and salad to his plate.  He then added a big pickled onion to his plate.  If anybody has tried to spear a pickled onion on a plate with a fork, you’ll know it’s like trying to spear a firm tomato that can slide all over the plate eluding your efforts to spear it.  Sadly, Steve’s efforts to spear the pickled onion sent it flying across the room hitting the wall on the other side with a giant thud.  Steve turned bright red matching the color of the beetroot laid out for tea.  With a wicked sense of humor, we all laughed.

Steve never came back for tea again!