So sheltering in place here we are all together yet apart from one another. What has it meant to your lives? Please post how it is going for you on our Facebook page, whether it is sad or funny or both or simply news about you. We want to read it.

For me it has been very interesting. I got very sick for a while and now I pretty much recovered and am so grateful for that! But also I have noticed some things about being at home with my husband all the time. He drags his slippered feet more than I realized, tells me all the national and world news whether I want it or not, and he talks out loud to himself when he is working on puzzles. I have responded to him several times thinking he was speaking to me – he was not. I am not going to ask him to tell me things I do that irritate him or that he finds strange because I know I am perfect, right?

I cannot imagine having kids at home all the time as many of you do. It must be quite a challenge. I have seen many posts on our Facebook page with really fun and creative ideas for families and kids’ things to do. I would like to see what things you are doing outside with them as the weather warms and how you are handling their education. Post, Post, Post on the FB page.

Many groups have been meeting and sharing books and conversation using ZOOM – my music group has used this application to stay in touch and to sing. It has been a great help. How many of you use ZOOM to talk to family and friends?

I know this has been a very difficult time for many of you and being an International Neighbor member is all about getting together to share cultures and stories. We have missed each other – the foods – music- our friendships. Please know that as soon as the governor says we can meet again we will. In the meantime stay connected, stay strong, share your worries and ideas on Facebook and Zoom and most of all stay with International Neighbors. Soon, very soon, we will again see each other’s faces, hug each other, dance and laugh as amazing IN women.

We miss you, I miss you, see you soon,

Andra Bostian Ferguson – President