This moment in time, as the world is united in an effort to mitigate the effects of COVID-19, requires coordinated action by governments, health care providers, businesses, and people in every community. Working together, we are making a difference, and, together, we will overcome this unprecedented challenge.

I am so inspired by the women from around the world and here in Ann Arbor, who have been part of International Neighbors since 1958. You have risen to the occasion wherever you are – social distancing and caring for your loved ones. You demonstrate resilience and your commitment to the communities we serve.

To our group leaders that faithfully host Zoom meetings and take the time to prepare lessons and book discussions, exchange food ideas, and listen as your members talk about their own issues and challenges, I thank you – you represent the best of International Neighbors – you help women stay in touch and feel cared about.

So ladies … keep sharing on our Facebook page- keep calling each other keep singing and dancing and being silly. Stay fit, eat well, share recipes and life events – I will see you soon! I am optimistic that together we can overcome this challenge. The human experience is about overcoming adversity by being resilient, and that is certainly on display across the IN membership. We will overcome this. Our resilience will be rewarded.

With optimism,

Andra Bostian Ferguson- President