1. The 46th annual “Dance for Mother Earth” Ann Arbor Powwow will be Saturday and Sunday, March 24th and 25th at Skyline High School. Please check the website for all the details: https:/powwow.umich.edu. It’s a great opportunity to experience Native American culture through dance, crafts and food!

2. Four tiny Persian gold colored tea spoons could not be found after the Tea Party. They are of great sentimental value. If anyone might have found them, please contact Robyn at info@international-neighbors.org. Please use the subject line “Persian tea spoons”.

3. Help us fill a new position! The Newcomer team is looking for a Newcomers Follow-up Coordinator. The Coordinator will be a liaison for our Newcomers who, after three years as a member of IN, become Neighbors. The Coordinator will also help the Ambassador Coordinator in welcoming all of our wonderful new members to IN. The new Coordinator will also help update data in the Memberdata system. Please contact volunteer@international-neighbors.org if you are interested or have any questions.

4. Do you have a friendly smile? Do you enjoy meeting new people? If you attend our wonderful IN Days, the ladies at the Welcome Corner could use your help. Please consider spending half an hour welcoming our new members. We only have one chance to make a good first impression! Please contact volunteer@international-neighbors.org

5. Do you have any experience with maintaining websites? IN has a beautiful website. The website team would be interested in talking to any of our members who would like to join them in their efforts. Please contact webmaster@international-neighbors.org
Neighbors! We are in need of leaders to start new reading groups. These groups meet two times a month for 2 hours each meeting. The meeting times would be determined by your schedule. We are especially looking to start several beginning and several intermediate groups. You would be welcome to visit our current groups (low intermediate and high intermediate) for an idea of how a group might be conducted. For more information, please contact reading@international-neighbors.org

6. Would you like to join the Newsletter team? We have a great team composed of members from all over the world. We write in English, but in our own English. If your English is Indian English, Chinese English, Australian English, or any other kind of English, and you enjoy writing or helping with stories, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us at newsletter@international-neighbors.org.
Thank you!