After spending an unbelievable summer in England where it rained about two days for the whole time we were there with the sun just shining all day, every day for the rest of the time, I wondered what I could possibly look forward to on our return to Michigan.  Marja’s article reminded me of the very snowy winters we can have here.  Snow can be such a great surprise for anybody from some regions of the world.  I had a friend who while visiting from Mexico just after a snow storm, brought his favorite stuffed toy (I think it was a rabbit) to be photographed in the snow to prove to friends back home, that he was here. 

The snow, is indeed marvelous, but for anybody who hasn’t seen a Michigan autumn yet, you have another great surprise to look forward to.  The best thing is that almost anywhere you live in Ann Arbor, you will get to enjoy the rich, bright colors of the trees and shrubs, and fields as they turn red, or gold, or yellow, or almost any color in between.  Catch them on a dry, sunny autumn day, and be prepared for a glorious treat. 

Try a walk through one of Ann Arbor’s parks, like Gallup, the Arboretum, or Matthaei Botanical Gardens to witness this Michigan delight.

I also have two favorite places close to Ann Arbor for seeing the colors change.  The first is Hudson Mills Metro Park.  Watch for the smaller maples that I like to call lollipop trees because of their shape when they start changing color.  They can be seen in rows along the playing fields.   Late autumn you’ll also be able to witness the Tamarac trees as their leaves turn from bright green to yellow.   You can find them in the swampy part of the nature trail.  The other place to see a splendid display of color is in Dexter where the large maple trees that line many of the roads are a delight to behold. 

For those new to Ann Arbor and the area, here is a huge welcome to you during this autumn season.  I hope you enjoy your time here, love seeing everything that Ann Arbor has to offer, and of course really enjoy your time with friends at International Neighbors.  For all the returnees, here is another big welcome back again. 

Happy autumn:)