by Karin and Julie

There are lots of fun activities for the little ones in the area. Most however, are better with a group of little friends and moms. That is why we are starting two new baby/toddler/Pre-K excursion groups! Be sure to join us.


  • Amazing ones: Every 2nd Wednesday of the month, starting December 13 (for children 12-24 months and their mothers)
  • Toddlers/pre-schoolers on the go: Every 1st Friday of the month, starting December 1 (for children 2 and up and their mothers)


The outing will take up approximately half a day, depending on where we are going. We will let you know in advance what the starting/end time will be.


The drive will be no further than 1 hour from Ann Arbor. We will arrange a car pool together if necessary/ desired.

More information:

  • Not yet 1 year old but ready to go? Please join “Amazing ones”.
  • Siblings are welcome to join too.
  • Depending on the activity there will be a charge for entry fees that is due in cash upon arrival.
  •  Joining this group will put you on an email list. Every month you will receive an email with information about the next activity and the question if you would like to participate and with how many persons. To join, click here.