By Barb and Jennie

We’d like to call your attention to a recent serious case of fraud:

The AAPD is currently investigating a phone solicitation scam. The caller identified themselves as an Ann Arbor Police Department employee telling the victim that they had outstanding warrants from the United States Customs and Immigrations. The caller told the victim to either pay $3,000 or turn themselves in to the AAPD. The caller asked the victim to pay in ITunes gift cards. The caller ID showed the number of the Washtenaw County Central Dispatch Center.

Please note that this is not normal police procedure and that you should never release any financial information over the phone to anyone claiming to be from the Ann Arbor Police Department. If you receive a similar call, please contact the AAPD at 734-794-6939.

 Please also see:

 Please also apply the same knowledge to all calls and emails that you believe to be from a government department (IRS, USCI, etc.), financial institution or even a fund raising organization. NEVER give out your social security number, immigration identification number, driver’s license number or credit card number to anyone soliciting information from you in this way. Do not call or click any contact information that they provide. Instead, if you want to double check on the validity of the contact, find their official numbers or emails and contact them.