By Jennie

Here’s hoping you had a wonderful holiday season with friends and family.  Poetry about living in different places reminded me that it’s not just culture, people, and landscapes that let you know you are living somewhere different, but also the presence of that place in the world.  We spent this last summer in England and woke to an amazing blue sky and sunshine just about every day.  What I hadn’t remembered well though from my younger years was how much daylight there was in the day.  We were still seeing clearly outside well past 9:00 pm and the sun woke us up so early that we seemed barely to have a night at all.  Even though the climate is milder, England is further north than Michigan.  During the northern hemisphere’s summer, the further north you are, the longer the day is.  In contrast, in the northern hemisphere’s winter, the further north you are, the shorter the day is.  So, on another trip to England in November/December, we had to hurry up after lunch to get out for a walk before it got dark.  The days were so short, we seemed barely to have turned the lights off before we had to turn them on again.  What are the summer and winter days like where you come from?  Is your country further north or further south than Michigan?  Is your country near the equator?  If so, how long are the days there?