By Julie and Jennie

The Ambassador program is an exciting new program that will evolve over the coming months. The intent of the program is to guide newcomers during their first year of IN membership. Volunteer women ambassadors will be assigned to newcomers when they register. The ambassadors will be their first point of contact, welcome them on IN days, introduce them to friends and answer any questions they have; in short make sure they feel welcome into our organization.

Vesna, Vice President of International Neighbors, with the help from the board will get the Ambassador program up and running. Keenly aware of the needs of newcomers, especially those women completely new to living in the US, Vesna is excited to take on this new project. “When I first joined International Neighbors, I was astonished beyond expectations at the kindness and caring help offered to me by complete strangers within the organization. To this day though, I understand how daunting it is to arrive in a new country and try to connect with and make new friends. The Ambassador program should really help with those that struggle, especially with English as a second language, to make those connections.”