Due to the coronavirus pandemic, our April IN Day has been cancelled.

We thank you for staying home, safe from the COVID19 Virus. Thank you for contributing to our Facebook group with so many great ideas about how to spend our time and how to entertain our children. The women of International Neighbors are sending a powerful message by staying away from each other physically, while staying connected via social networking and phone calls. Please know that as soon as it is possible, we will get together again to enjoy each other’s company in person, but for now remember, we care about you. Keep checking on each other – keep posting on Facebook and know that we will again share food, dance and song as we celebrate one another’s differences.

We miss you!

International Neighbors Executive Board

For more information, guidance and updates on the coronavirus, visit http://www.michigan.gov/coronavirus

Left to Right: Karina (Treasurer), Gretchen (Volunteer Coordinator), Carole (Reading Groups Coordinator), Vesna (Ambassadors Coordinator), Karen (Vice President), Janine (Neighbors Coordinator), Andra (President), Adrienne (Secretary), Melissa (Special Interest Groups Coordinator), Robyn (Tea Groups Coordinator), Dilek ( IN Day Coordinator), Lianne (Discussion Groups Coordinator) Missing: Dale (Conversation Groups Coordinator), Tina (IN Day Co-Coordinator) and Marcy (Newsletter Editor).