By Dilek

The last IN Day of 2018 was extra special because it was not only the last IN Day of the year but also the last gathering of IN’s 60th anniversary… Founded 60 years ago under the leadership of remarkable Esther Dunham by a handful of thoughtful women with big hearts, International Neighbors is just the type of community organization the world needs more of. On that last gathering of the year, members exchanged cookies, stories, and friendship in a warm atmosphere. They sampled a variety of treats and gathered themselves beautiful, festive baskets filled with the yummiest of treats from around the world to enjoy with their loved ones at home. The Singing Group’s mini-concert was an extra treat: The members sang along to “My Country Home” in Japanese, “Guantanamera” in Spanish, and the most famous of American holiday songs, “Jingle Bells”, by following the lyrics on the big screen.
May the rest of your year go as delightfully as a cookie exchange.

Your IN Day Team


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