By Marcy.

Sunny days remind us that spring is around the corner, and what better way is there to get ready for spring than to go through our things and remove items we are no longer using. Sometimes I hold up a book and feel so reluctant to put it in the no longer wanted pile. Maybe I haven’t read it yet or I have read it and absolutely loved it!  Am I ready to part with it? Well I might end up putting half of the items I picked up to consider in the no longer needed bag but that’s a good start. The crowded shelves urge me on to pull off more books, or to retrieve that second toaster that I never use. The extra salt and pepper shakers, the flour and sugar canisters are all going to get scrutinized for the exchange bag. After we fill a bag or two, we all need to give ourselves a pat on the back for creating more space on our shelves and in our drawers. Then I know how much fun it will be at IN Day to find new books that I know I will enjoy. Or maybe there will be a butter dish there that’s just what I need for my more casual dinners. And we will come home with new found treasures! I look forward to seeing you there and joining in the search for new (to us) things!