By Tina, Vice-President

Hi Everyone,

We started our new International Neighbor’s year with a BANG.  On September 21st we held our annual Open House.  The focus of the Open House is twofold.

Welcome new members

First and foremost, we wanted to welcome new members of our community to our organization.  During Open house those new to the Ann Arbor area visited us and found out more about all the different activities we have to offer.  Our guests were able to receive assistance with the signup process if needed.  Additionally, there were many volunteers available to answer any specific questions they might have.


Our second focus is friendship.  During the course of the afternoon both old and new members were able to connect and just spend some time catching up with old friends or making new ones.

The Numbers

Just to let you know we had 73 current members attend not including the approximately 40 volunteers who helped out that day.  There were 67 new guests and approximately 50 handouts were distributed to first time visitors, who had not had time to sign up on line.

What a Spectacular Day!

  • 2017 Fall Open House