Over 100 members attended the IN Day on April 20 to learn about and sample breakfast foods from around the world. 12 rectangular tables were loaded with breakfasts from 17 different countries: Japan, Macedonia, Iran, Norway, Somali, China, Brazil, Turkey, Bulgaria, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, Sweden, Syria, Italy, India, and the US.

We observed that in some countries there is no distinction between breakfast and dinner foods, while in some others people can’t even imagine eating dinner foods for breakfast. Sweet and savory preferences vary from region to region. In some countries breakfast is as simple as a quick coffee and a pastry, and in some others it is a serious affair complete with foods from all groups of the food pyramid. If one thing was true, regardless of where, how, or what is consumed for breakfast, all the food was deliciously prepared, beautifully presented, and very much appreciated and enjoyed by members in attendance.While enjoying breakfasts globally, International Neighbors were challenged to match the word for “good morning” with the language it’s written in. By checking with their neighbors, they learned to say good morning in 20 different languages (see the activity below).

Good Morning Activity

They also had an opportunity to “measure their breakfast IQs” by taking a quiz (see the test below), and members with perfect scores qualified to enter a raffle. The grand prize was a very special “Belgian Breakfast Basket” loaded with delicacies generously put together by IN President Julie. Consolation prizes of delectable rose petal jam, quince jam, and an IN mug were also awarded.Breakfast Quiz

A big thank you to our members who shared their breakfasts with us, and to everybody who remembered to bring donations for our personal care items drive to Safe House and Delonis Center of Ann Arbor. Your generous donations filled up two large boxes!