By Dilek

We exchanged books, toys, small household items AND friendship on April IN Day. This was the International Neighbors way of celebrating the Earth Day. Members were encouraged to reduce their wastes by recycling and reusing and using a re-usable water bottle instead of buying plastic bottles of water.

Also enjoyed listening to the Irish tunes of “Danny Boy” and American classic “My Girl” from the Let’s Make Music group. The music group took their singing to the next level by adding dance moves to their performance! Beautiful voices, beautiful choreography! Leftover household items were taken by a member who volunteers with a refugee center, and leftover children’s books were sent to a low-income preschool. We even managed to find a sewing machine for a family in need!

We are grateful for this resourceful group of women called International Neighbors.
If you sadly and sourly missed the April IN Day, mark your calendars for the very special 60th Anniversary Family Fun & Potluck Party on Saturday, May 12th!