By Jennie, Tina, Gretchen, Barb, Sylvia and Martha

newIf you missed IN Day in October, then you missed a lot of fun. It was a great chance to meet up with friends, guess how many zombies were roaming the room, and enjoy some Halloween snacks and Halloween fun. Whoever thought that carrying a balloon on a paper plate across the room to a team member would produce so much laughter.

Here are some come comments from other members about the event:

I didn’t get to attend the whole event.  I arrived toward the very end but what struck me was the sound of laughter as I approached the stairs from the lobby.  You could tell that everyone was having a wonderful time.  Then when I entered the hall and everyone was parading around and dancing, what a happy sight!

The Halloween IN day was colorful, exciting, and charming. The room looked festive, the refreshments were delicious and the children were adorable in their costumes. It was excellent!

The creativity of the planners was outstanding! Everything was very impressive.

The Halloween decorations created a festive, inviting feeling and showed that International Neighbors cares about its members.

I particularly liked the “conga line” costume parade as it gave people a chance to celebrate and show off their costumes.

I had to explain that I came as a fried egg. I guess I’ll have to think of a better costume next time<GRIN>, but I had a lot of fun there.

We were glad to see you there if you did attend, but sorry if you missed the chance to have so much fun.