The festivities have begun for International Neighbors!

International Neighbors gathered for a Thanksgiving an

d ALL holidays feast on November 17th. The savory and dessert buffets featured favorite holiday foods from the most favorite holidays of the members in attendance. In addition to turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, yams, and all other traditional Thanksgiving food, many wholesome, delicious foods from all the holidays of the world were enjoyed in a festive atmosphere.

The members who wrote down three things they are thankful for were entered in the “Cranberry Craze Raffle”. The two (very) lucky winners of the Cranberry Craze Raffle went home with homemade cranberry pies by Adrienne, “the pie diva”. Consolation prizes of all things cranberry (a beautiful cranberry ornament, cranberry scented air freshener, cranberry spritzers, cranberry juice, cranberry raisins, and of course, cranberries!) were also awarded!

Next IN Day:

If you sadly and sourly missed the Taste of the Holidays, mark your calendar NOW for the next IN Day: Thursday, December 7th for “Cookie (and All Homemade Treats) Exchange”