Nursery (Childcare)

The International Nursery provides a very special happy opportunity for children & their mothers during our monthly meetings.

In three adjoining rooms, one for infants & toddlers, children play freely under close supervision. Mothers are welcome to stay for any or all of the time. Both children & their mothers, from many different countries, quickly & easily, become acquainted. Close, lasting friendships are made between the children & their mothers & the volunteers who assist in the Nursery.


Language skills are not necessary here as the children naturally understand the universal language of play. Mothers, too, can comfortably enjoy the children & one another without worrying about their level of English.

childcare at IN daySometimes women, without children in the Nursery, enjoy visiting this small, intimate alternative to the large, adult-focused meeting. They, also, make new friends as some share their memories of their children in the past & some contemplate having children in the future.

It should be mentioned that there are two kinds of crying in the Nursery. One is resistance to leave & the other is to leave to join the mother which we try to do immediately.