“Many hands make light work.”

“Many hands make light work.” International Neighbors is a perfect example of this statement. Our wonderful organization is a masterpiece of volunteers working together to provide friendship and learning opportunities for women from all over the world.

If you are interested in volunteering for a specific group or Board position, or you would like more information about volunteering in general, please contact us at volunteer@international-neighbors.org.

Since many of our members have young children, we are always interested in volunteers who would like to start new, child-friendly activity groups.

Thank you,

Ongoing Opportunities

International Neighbors provides a wide range of areas for women to volunteer. For example, we welcome helpers and event planners for International Day; we are always in need of writers, group leaders, and hostesses, and we love to have people who are interested in using WordPress and social media. More importantly, the Board of International Neighbors is also composed of volunteers. To participate in this fun, vibrant and diverse volunteering community, click here.

Positions you may be interested in

– Tea Group Hostess

Tea Groups are an excellent way to meet a new group of friends from all over the world! Please email Robyn at tea@international-neighbors.org and she will gladly answer any of your questions about this volunteer opportunity.

– Reading Group Leaders

NEIGHBORS!  We are in need of leaders to start new reading groups.  These groups meet two times a month for 2 hours each meeting.  The meeting times would be determined by your schedule.  We are especially looking to start several beginning and several intermediate groups.  You would be welcome to visit our current groups (low intermediate and high intermediate) for an idea of how a group might be conducted. For more information, please contact reading@international-neighbors.org

– International Day Welcome Team

Do you have a friendly smile? Do you enjoy meeting new people? If you attend our wonderful IN Days, the ladies at the Welcome Corner could use your help. Please consider spending half an hour welcoming our new members. We only have one chance to make a good first impression! Please contact volunteer@international-neighbors.org

– International Day Childcare Volunteer

Do you like children and darling babies? We are looking for volunteers to help in the childcare (nursery) at International Day. Helping in the nursery is casual and fun. We have two ladies, Shirley, and Fran who volunteer each month but they could use some help. I would like to start a list of volunteers who can help for 30-45 minutes in the nursery, a few times each year. It isn’t required to volunteer each month. Volunteers can bring their own children with them and help and play at the same time. To volunteer, click here!

– Newsletter Writer

The newsletter team always welcomes new members.  We have a great team composed of members from all over the world.  We write in English, but in our own English.  If your English is Indian English, Chinese English, Australian English, or any other kind of English, and you enjoy writing or helping with stories, we’d love to hear from you.  We are especially looking for another Japanese representative, but we welcome any nationality. Contact us at newsletter@international-neighbors.org.

– Web and Social Media Team

Do you consider yourself to be tech-savvy? Or do you spend a lot of time on social media and would love to maintain our profiles? Volunteer for our web and social media team! Please contact webmaster@international-neighbors.org