By Andra

Hi women of International Neighbors:

You have a chance to help out your International Neighbors. You can volunteer to help in groups that work to make IN activities possible. There are several positions open and one of them is Vice President. I would love to have a partner to help with International Days, substitute at board meetings when I cannot make it, and various other things.

Karen, our current VP has done a wonderful job but has decided to broaden her horizons and look for a job in Ann Arbor. She will be happy to help the new VP learn the volunteer position and make the new woman comfortable. Any questions you may have – she will gladly help with.

Please consider doing this – we need you! You can commit to one year or more- it is your choice. Please contact Andra for information on the various positions available or for specific information about the position of vice-president. Please write to

Thank you so much for considering this.