by Julie

International Neighbors (IN) needs your input and help for some special events and activities this year. Are you interested in getting more involved but not sure where to start? Would you like to help out but cannot commit on a monthly basis? Do you just want to meet fun people and spend some nice times together? Then this might be just the thing for you! We are starting 2 new committees and are looking for recent and longtime members to help us out:

1. Committee for IN’s 60th anniversary: IN will turn 60 in 2018 and we are looking for members to help plan and organize events celebrating this special year.

2. Committee for Community Outreach: One of IN’s goals this year is to bring our organization and members closer to the community and raise awareness of IN in the community. We are looking for members who want to help us achieve this.

Do you have ideas, are you hands-on, do you want to have a better feel for what IN is all about, then join us!  Email me at

Hope to see you soon!